Photo: Cylla von Tiedemann

Pattie Walker has worked with glass for the last 25 years. She began with small scale residential commissions, and church restoration work. Since then she has continued to expand on her foundation of traditional technique through the exploration of contemporary applications of her medium. These include appliqué, sandblasting, and neon.

Pattie pursued her technical training the traditional way, embarking on a two year apprenticeship with internationally renowned stained glass artist Stephen Belanger-Taylor. Working with Taylor on large liturgical commissions and restorations, she received in depth classical training in architectural glass techniques. These include glass painting, acid etching, leaded work, dalle de verre, and glass appliqué.

Pattie expresses her vision through the use of color and light as elements for the transformation of space using both sculptural form and architectural environments.

“Making art is about making contact. I strive to create art pieces and environments that will animate and energize space. And connect viewers to the radiant force of light. "

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